feeling-goodIf you’re average today it doesn’t cut it because every business, every industry, has got incredible competition. There’s nobody out there that’s not already doing what you thought of. I guarantee you. So you’ve got to be unique and you’ve got to be exciting. And you’ve got to create a bit of razzamatazz every single day.  When people say to me, Pete, what business are you in?  I don’t tell them I’m in the food or wine business. I say we’re in the feeling good business!

You’ve also got to make customers smile. When you can ‘wow’ them, they tell the world about it. That ‘wow’ is a tough thing to get today. Most businesses are content to stay where they are but if you can kick it up a few notches, boy-oh-boy- it pays off in spades!   I operated under the banner of Pete’s Frootique for over 20 years. And let me tell you- when the doors opened at 8am in the morning, it was show time! Our resident piano players had been tickling the ivories at Pete’s since we first opened in Nova Scotia. The power of music to create emotion is well-researched.

We had an upright honky-tonk piano in our Bedford, Nova Scotia store and a glorious big grand piano in our downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia urban store.  staffed by three piano players who rotated between the two stores. They played and sang everything – Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, the Beatles and Beyonce. When we would spy a good looking woman coming into the store, I’d give the player the cue and he would break  into our version of Pretty Woman “Pretty woman, shopping at Pete’s Frootique…”  Customers were jitterbugging with the shopping carts! Everybody today is stressed out. Too busy.  If you can take that weight off your customers’ shoulders, bring a little humour into their world, you’ll have customers for life.

It’s the Christmas season and so people are feeling more frazzled and more hectic than ever. Regardless of your industry or business, find a  a way to make ’em smile. And take away their pain.  That’s what customers really need. Cheers!