Here’s part 2 of my Sicilian adventure with the guys! In these last photos of the trip, you’ll meet some new friends who joined us for lunch, more market adventures (of course!) and a quick pit stop in Zurich to see an old friend!


Fancy one of these little 3 wheelers for tooting around the winery. Don’t be surprised to see one heading to the Gaspereau Valley soon.


Met a lovely honeymoon couple, Paddy and Donna from Laois County, Ireland. They joined us for lunch and a wine tasting at Planeta winery – top notch!


Found a quince tree and offered Donna a prized specimen!


Couldn’t resist a last stop at the great Catania Market before heading to the aeroporto. These guys are great natural merchandisers. Check out the beautiful up purple cauliflower!!


More of Catania Market, experiencing beautiful produce!


Had a snowy drive up to Appenzell and then ran into 3 more of my old buds!!


From there, to a fabulous restaurant called Gupf with a mind-blowing wine cellar … over 30,000 bottles of prestigious European wine. Here’s their largest bottle – 480 litres!!!!!!