Social Media and me, I’ve definitely learned a few things over the past year! And my daughter Geena has been a big mentor! She’s 27, I’m 63… so this is her baby and she leads the charge! First lesson: it’s okay to start small but you’ve got to start somewhere! Social Media is the new black for business!

While it can sometimes be difficult to measure the direct ROI, it’s the cumulative number of touches to your customers and business connections that make the difference. It’s time consuming but there is a tipping point and once there is a critical mass and you get noticed on social media– you are now in the game! Suddenly your Google ranking is up and people are engaging with you via the various platforms. There are a lot of social networks out there, but you don’t have to be on all of them. (So Geena tells me!)

When we first started to talk about Social media, like any media, you have to decide which audience you need to target. According to Geena, teenagers are generally into Snapchat, moms into Pinterest, the older set into Facebook, business people are LinkedIn and influencers are more Twitter and Instagram people. Who knew? For me LinkedIn and Twitter are key but I also have content going up on the other platforms as they all support one another.

We’ve been using the hashtag #peteluckett consistently and it’s been picking up steam. Getting my customers that post photos from the vineyard and from my speaking engagements using this hashtag has been rewarding as I see them pop up here and there. My blogs are about travel, food, wine and business and these too support the whole campaign. I hope people are enjoying them!

The mix of personal and business embedded in all my social media postings keeps it real, fun and informative. Having a presence and being a part of the game is important so if you and your business are not taking part yet I encourage you to start. If I did it you can too!

P.S – I used to say I ‘twit’ not ‘tweet,’ but I know better now!

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