I traveled to Morocco this year, and Marrakesh was fascinating!  The retaining wall surrounding the old city is made of red mud from the local area.The rest of the building are all shades of red and pink giving the city the nick name the Rose or Pink city. By law all the building must have a shade of red/pink and it’s absolutely beautiful.

retaining wallPink city


Inside the walls are vendors and their stalls can be found every day in the narrow street markets. It’s a honeycomb of intricately connected alleyways and the souks offer an incredible shopping experience with a myriad of narrow winding streets. Moroccan slippers are plentiful made of soft leather and are available in every colour and size. Spices are everywhere, mounded up outside the shops and bought by weight and mixed special for the buyer. I bought the common Ras el hanout which is a blend of dozens of spices which include ash berries, chilli, cinnamon, grains of paradise, monk’s pepper, nutmeg, and turmeric. There’s a communal baker that makes your bread and you pick it up later. Each household gets to put their special mark on their bread so they can tell whose is whose.

spices inside     spices outside

The world famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square is one of the best-known squares in Africa. Every day it is empty other than a few snake charmers and other wandering sales people but at night it fills up with dozens of food vendors making meals for the masses. It feels like all of Marrakesh comes out to eat. Mint tea is always very sweet and poured from as far as your arms can stretch.

mint tea pour    vendor in square   snake charmer

A local tagine is prepared with meat or can be vegetarian. Tagine refers to the conical shaped vessel used for cooking this delicious Moroccan meal and often served with cous cous. I love it and it’s super healthy. Marrakesh is a must-go place in the world.

Tagine on cous cous     spices outside