Real Revolution – Keeping up with change!

Probably the most exciting and daunting part of business is that it is always changing. Just when the ground feels solid beneath your feet, the winds of change upset the apple cart and you’re left scrambling. Pete Luckett, Canada’s street smart entrepreneur learned quickly how to navigate change –in his words it’s about the “bob and weave!”  For over 40 years, Pete worked tirelessly inside the produce industry with products literally dying by the second! How does Pete keep up? Through innovation, openness and forward thinking–three cornerstones that can help you become grounded but not buried in change!Pete encourages companies to embrace change and develop a readiness to involve employees in the process. As far as Pete’s concerned, resisting change is a recipe for failure. “If I resisted change, “I would still be pitching fruit from a single stall in Nottingham Market.”  Change has been my greatest gift.”  And this is still true for Pete today. The recent sale of Pete’s Fine Foods represents one of the biggest evolutions of this  entrepreneurs’ career.

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