Mondo Merchandising- Engage all the senses!

“As my father always said, if you can make ‘em smile while you take their money, you’ve got it made!” – Pete Luckett

Pete is famous for creating spaces where customers don’t “shop” as much as they “congregate.” And every retailer knows the longer they shop, the more they buy! Ambiance, artful displays and a maven to oversee it are the basic of a killer merchandising program. An enticing customer experience with bold style displays and new product concepts will leverage consumers purchasing habits. Join master marketer, Pete Luckett as he shares how he makes his customers feel the WOW!!  As one of Canada’s leading independent retailers, Pete spent the past 40 years transforming grocery shopping from mundane drudgery into a highly entertaining experience–where every display is a feast for the eyes and a tantalizing array of colors, textures, and fragrances. He knows how to make customers  purchase what they came for, and much more!