Impassion Your People –and keep ‘em!

To attract and retain the best people, organizations must become more employee centric than ever before- so how do you do it?

From a one-man band to an employer of hundreds of staff Pete knows how to create cultures that are about making everyone feel the love…. But it starts on the inside. “We are always on stage is one of Pete’s biggest mantras.” Whether he was training teams through the years at Pete’s fine foods, or building a new brand at Luckett Vineyards, Pete knows how to move employees to create unforgettable experiences. Pete’s has shaped a very collaborative style in everything they do. From developing core values, to training and mentorship programs, building an engaged an participatory team is the only effective way of working and managing today’s unique and multigenerational workplace. Build a destination workplace that retains and motivates the true ambassadors of your brand!