Turning Buyers into Believers – How to Create Raving Fans!

“Whether you’re selling lemons or Lamborghinis, You’ve got to turn your buyers into believers.” 

Pete’s remarkable success in business can be narrowed down to one key insight – buyers buy on price, but believers buy on emotion. From his early days selling tomatoes at an open-market fruit stand, to the expansion of a produce empire, Pete never fails to wow his customers with an experience that compels them to return – again. And again. He now wows his corporate audience with the same zest and appeal. 

Pete explains that as he moved from wooden produce cart, to bricks and mortar, to multiple locations, he never stopped investing in the intangibles that elevate a commodity exchange into an adventure. Customers of the Pete’s experience believe grocery shopping is an event, an outing, something to look forward to. From the store design and merchandising, to staff training and  media relations, every touch point reinforces Pete’s as a destination for community, friendship, and culinary exploration.  Pete established a brand experience for his customers that is distinctive, memorable and cannot be replicated by his competition. Sound good for your company or organization?