petesophieWhen you set out to start a business, some motivations may be to create a legacy, leave a lasting impression and deliver an experience you won’t get anywhere else.  These and more are things I look forward to tackling every day.

I want my customers to be WOWED, surprised and delighted—all in a lunch hour! I am proud of our Vineyard and the fact that I have family around me to support our brand and our vision. My daughter Sophia is a top-notch sommelier and she loves to have fun with the customers in the same way I do. In fact, she sometimes puts them to work! She bosses the patrons around and gets them up and out of their seats, and you know what? Customers love it!

When you come to our vineyard, we want you to smile, laugh and just forget your troubles.  Humor is one of our brand attributes.  We are playful and we don’t take ourselves too seriously: that’s what we project on the outside. On the inside, we are passionate about getting it right. Some days everything is going wrong, but our customers will never know it!

When I talk to corporate audiences around the globe, I always say that the worst experience you can give a customer is the same experience as your competition! With the world of social media buzzing 24-7, you have to be on your toes. It’s simple, deliver great service and your customers will tell everyone!

We work hard to make magic everyday so our customers are singing our praises!   Sophie chatted with me a few weeks ago… we talked about the magic of Luckett Vineyards.  Want to know the secret? Have a peek!