sfiz3130Believe me when I say that buying local is here to stay! It’s easy to see why this movement has surpassed being just a trend; the benefits are undeniable! More than ever before, people are questioning what’s on their plates and asking where it came from.

In Nova Scotia, our growing season starts in the late spring and runs till late October.  Though short, our producers make the very most of it by growing colourful fruits and healthy veggies ranging from asparagus to apples;  radishes to zucchini. Because the buy-local movement has been such a success, grocers will not miss the chance to shout it at the mountaintops, which makes it easier to spot in the stores!

Besides traditional grocers, farmers markets are the mecca of discovering what kind of foods are in your backyard. Not only does it eliminate the middle man but gives you, the consumer, a chance to build a relationship with your local farmers, makers and artisans. Yes, buying local goes beyond just fruits and veggies, it includes products and services that are being grown, produced and created in our areas.

The next time you spend money on a home grown or made product recognize that you’re adding to the growth of your economy. Take pleasure in knowing that you’re helping to create jobs and allowing creative and small business owners to thrive and sustain their own families. Worry less, with the assurance that you’re feeding yourself safe, freshly picked, healthy and in-season food right on your plate! Here’s my take on it all!