phoneboxClients and customers often ask me “what’s the most important aspect of a great brand?” It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing: but if I got pushed to the wall and had to commit, I’d say it’s not just about being different; it’s about being distinctive!

Just like the shiny red telephone box that stands proudly in my vineyard. It promotes my UK roots and provides a play-on-words: we make wines ‘worth phoning home about,’ and it is just plain fun!  Customers can visit this iconic telephone box and make a call anywhere in North America for free. You won’t find that anywhere else on the planet. That’s a mark of a great brand! The telephone box appears on our logo and signage and is the name of our two, signature wines:  Phone Box Red and Phone Box White.

Distinctiveness is a brand’s ability to stand out so that buyers can easily identify it. Our customers at Luckett Vineyards immediately know our brand. Our polished, decked out trucks and vans bear the phone box logo all around the sides, which is predictable- but it’s also on top so it’s visible when the vehicle is driving downtown.  People in the towers can look down and think- time for a glass of Phone Box Red! (You know you’ve all thought it at 3 pm one day or another, even if you haven’t seen our van!)

So how can a brand become distinctive? Important elements include:

– Colors
– Logos
– Taglines
– Symbols
– Advertising styles (including celebrity endorsements)

At Luckett Vineyards we like to get a little edgy.  Playful staff t-shirts state: “For a good time, call: Phone Box Red – Phone Box White or Phone Box Fizz.”  In defining these distinctive elements, you will begin to craft a story around who you are, and what you stand for.  Now that’s distinctive! Cheers!