Take Action.

Take the leap, ride the bull, turn the page –
the time is now! Pete arms organizations,
businesses and teams with the information
they need to turn ideas into action.

Don’t settle for anything less than outstanding!
You’ve got to be first, best or different! Pete’s
famous for his calibre of excellence – from products to
performance, learn to deliver extraordinary experiences.

Top Notch.

Big, bold and brilliant ideas are the cornerstone of
Pete’s success. Pete knows that achieving your
goals begins with a willingness to envision them.

Think Bold.

Step out of the box and try something fresh,
new and exciting with Pete Luckett - turning ordinary into
extraordinary. Dare to be different and try something
new or you’ll never know what you’re missing!

Mix it Up.

Meet Pete

Pete’s passion, perseverance and personality are what make him a thriving entrepreneur and an organizational change-agent. Pete’s success in retail began at the young age of 14 and continues to grow, diversify and thrive!

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Speaking Engagements

Pete inspires, educates and motivates organizations to build better teams, attract outstanding employees and deliver amazing service. His presentation and delivery consistently receive raving reviews from clients around the world.

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Experience Pete!

Want to understand the magic that is Pete Luckett? Watch him in action, delivering meaningful messages in a way that moves listeners to action!

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Take A Look at Pete’s Raving Fans…

Pete Luckett builds brands that exemplify excellence.  He also delights audiences internationally and shares key messages across all industries. If you’re interested in building a brand, creating raving fans and teams that can, take a look at some of Pete’s client’s and testimonials.

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